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Identify working preferences and styles that each team member has through a 20-page personality profile framework.


Positively create and reinforce engagement for remote workers and teams. 47 Ideas to get you moving quickly.


Create fun in the workplace by injecting the culture with 52 ideas to bring levity and silliness.


Activate fun, connection, and energy with 19 games to use in your video conferences.


Motivate, reward, and entice your team members individually, based on their likes and needs, using this Favorites List framework.


Create long-term change and improved behavior by utilizing this 21-Day Goal Setting Calendar.

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At the core, our people want to succeed. These tools will help you create quick change and inspiration, which will get them to pivot into higher levels of success within 30-days.  I GUARANTEE IT.
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Hey! I'm Jen Buck.

Professional Speaker, Executive Strategist, Founder, and Bestselling Author with 6 books

Thanks so much for jumping on over to check out the freebies!  I've been doing this for thirty years and I'm happy to  share the secrets I have about creating high-performing and award-winning teams.  

I began the first decade of my career in a startup where I helped build that billion dollar global and award-wnning brand into the powerhouse that it is today.  I have since worked with some of the largest and most notable brands in the world and I'm proud of the success I've built and the organizations I've contributed to. I'm thrilled to give you some of the goodies that I used with them, which will help you create change on your own team.

Remember this: your team will give you back the exact amount of energy you invest into them. I guarantee you.  I've curated 6 sure-fire ways for you to inject quick engagement, fast jolts of energy, and intentional activities to ramp up the interaction.  All of these will work individually, but when you start to blend them all into your leadership framework, you will get extraordinary results.

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While I've got you, do you feel like also getting 6 years worth of ideas to help motivate and recognize your employees?  Yep, no joke. Six full years worth. What can I say... I'm a fountain of freebies.
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